Thursday, February 24, 2005

Walked to work, as most of Kennington Road was closed off. There was a crash involving a cab and a police car at the junction by the Imperial War Museum, so the road was quiet and no traffic was allowed. Walked past Perdoni’s, the 60s cafĂ© run by the most attractive family on earth. The two boys who work behind the counter are ridiculously good-looking*: one has the short, black, curly emo-hair, black-rimmed glasses, pale skin and white shirt with sleeves rolled up thing going on, and his brother looks like Adrien Brody. A bit of eye-candy on the way to work never hurt anyone…

I’ve discovered the perfect soundtrack to the grey, drizzly weather that is forever London. When the city looks like the set of Se7en, Television’s Marquee Moon fits perfectly. Don’t ask me why, it just does.

Fucking Thames Water

Got a water bill a few days ago. It was abnormally high – nearly £100 more than last year’s bill. When I called Thames Water they said that everyone’s bill had gone up this year, by between 20% and 40%. I am one of the lucky few (or lucky many) whose bill has leapt by over 40%. The reason?
Thames Water lady: ‘It’s to repair pipes damaged by floods’
Me: ‘But I live in central London: we don’t have floods’
TWL: ‘Hmm, but the Victorian pipes do need maintenance and servicing…’

*But not anywhere near as dishy as my boy, of course!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just been reading the Pam Savage blog ( and it cheered me no end. When the world around you seems to make no sense (Belle de Jour’s The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl appearing in a WH Smith Valentine’s Day promotion? Huh?), they are the voice at the back of the room saying ‘What the fuck?’ Or something. Whatever, I love the blog.

It’s been snowing in London for the best part of a week, but you wouldn’t know it. The stuff doesn’t settle in urban areas, and I find the grit all over the streets far more of a nuisance than the snow it claims to protect us from. Gritty shoes are no fun.

Was going to see a film tonight, but I am lame so instead am getting wine and tasty food and cooking dinner with my boy. It’s been an odd day and I feel quite fragile, and the couch is looking mighty inviting.

Paris is calling…
We’re going to Paris for the weekend. We decided to do this for several reasons.
a) We can’t afford it AT ALL
b) We should be flat-hunting
c) I wanted to eat really good cheese and pastries, and found nothing in London of a high enough standard
d) We love the Eurostar and one of the best parts of any European jaunt is riding it while drinking smuggled-on Buck’s Fizz, eating croissants and reading the paper
e) Paris in February’s gotta be (slightly) nicer than London in February

A bientot!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Books still not here! Suck!

Right now I'm at my desk eating the yummiest veggie food I've had in a loooong time... it's herby rice with spinach and chick peas, and spicy tomato-y potatoes. All mine for £2.99 from one of the fast food stalls in Jubilee Market.

The end of last week was a blur of dancing, booze and aching feet. Thursday night the Actionettes performed at Offline in Brixton, which was fun and I got to wear a sparkly new dress and drink cava for free. Balconette created, decorated and staffed her legendary Human Fruit Machine, and people were queuing up to play... particularly as they were guaranteed to win!

Friday we danced for maybe our biggest audience yet (definitely our most diverse - we don't normally get eight-year-olds at our shows), at the V&A masked ball. There was a rider, too, which was a novelty: chocolate, fruit, crisps and beer. Hurrah! Only two things annoyed me: the fact that there was no booze allowed in the main room (and there was a half-hour wait to get to the bar for those buying), and that the backstage manager (dunno if she was, but she spent all her time sitting backstage looking stern) was eyeballing me all night in a 'you're dodgy and you're going to try and hide an African mask up your dress' way, and was snotty when I tried to take Steve backstage. All the other ladies had been entertaining their fellas there, so this pissed me off... other than that, a great night. Made even better by eating potato pancakes at Daquise!