Thursday, June 15, 2006

Work is all good, but I am finding that the naughty thrill I get from spending four hours browsing craft blogs wears off a bit when it’s part of my job description. The pressure to be creative is hard but also a fun challenge (ask me again tomorrow, after my meeting with the boss, when I show him my new book ideas and he slates every one) – words and phrases like ‘blue-sky thinking’, ‘brainstorming’ and ‘unique selling point’ are bandied about with a straight face.

Everyone has left the office to go to the pub - England are playing. The boss is going to be there. The boss's boss is going to be there. I should be there. But I am going to be at home, sitting in Steve's giant leather swivel chair, eating sausages, painting my nails, and reading a book. At about 10pm (unless there's anything really good on telly), I'll turn in for the night. Bliss. Networking be damned... I need my sleep.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I’m back! I was gone for nearly a month for several reasons:

I have a new job and my computer screen is very visible and I didn’t want to post from work (yet another reason to get a computer for home)
I forgot my blogger log-in name and password

And that’s about it, really. The job, at an illustrated publisher, is going well but the hours (9-6! What the?!) are killing me, as is my colleagues’ bizarre work ethic – they all stay late, every day, even though our boss is in the US for a month. I think this is due to the very damaging and wrong-headed attitude of ‘Oh my god I’m sooo busy [important] and stressed [hard-working] and I just care sooo much about my job that I’m willing to sacrifice my private life’. Well, I ain’t playing. I have a life. I spend 11 hours a day at work/commuting, and I’m not about to spend an extra few hours a week – unpaid – to look good. Frankly, if you’re working late every day then you’re not doing your job effectively.

Also, I hate hate hate one of the people I work with. He’s constantly negative. He thinks no one else in the office works as hard or as well as he does. He belches a lot. And, the worst part it, everyone else really likes him.

Just got distracted by the Darwin’s Deli man. Bastards. They hooked me in with the spicy Mexican wrap and promptly stopped making it, even though I have asked where it is. I don’t want egg and spinach or ‘Mediterranean Tuna’, whatever the hell that is.