Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So far today has been a big wet raspberry, but it'll get better around 7pm, when Mags and my two lovely sisters arrive for dinner. For the vegetarian sister there's cheese and salmon (yes, she eats fish), for the other vegetarian there's sausage and ham (she won't eat beef but everything else is fine) and for me and other sis there's a lot of everything else. Pumpkin, coconut and sweet potato soup, too.

Things I am watching on eBay

  • Black cat brooches, to be pinned to orange dress for Halloween Actionettes gig
  • Black spider brooches, as above, but they're too scary and I know I'd keep seeing them on my dress and freaking out
  • Vintage biscuit tins and canisters. Plan is to buy some and bake amazing cookies, and give these as homemade Christmas gifts in the tins
  • Usual lineup of 70s vintage dresses with puffy sleeves, patterned yokes and A-line skirts. Sigh.

Baby Leon, last seen on this blog at a cute five weeks, is now an all-crawling, loud-laughing, curious eight-month-old little sweetheart. He loves books and music and wiping his nose on his auntie's clothing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How did I go nearly three and a half months without posting? It was easy. And it's not even like I was so busy doing amazing stuff the whole time. Since the end of June, I've done... nothing. Well, a bit of work, a weekend in Bournemouth with the Actionettes, five days in Wales for my and Steve's wedding anniversary, and not much else. I did buy tickets for next May's All Tomorrow's Parties, as it's curated by Pavement and I've wanted to go to ATP for years, so this was all the encouragement I needed.

Guilt has made me update this blog. I was reading about this thing http://www.broadsummit.com/about/ on Mimi Smartypants's blog, and it made me sad and jealous. If I'd been good and updated my blog daily, or at least a couple of times a week, maybe I would be attending the UK equivalent (although I bet there isn't one...) of this sweet shindig. A weekend doing yoga and tasting wine? At a spa? It's a hard life.

I had a look at some of the blogs of the attendees. I really liked a few, but there really is a certain arrogance you need to keep - and very regularly update - a blog. Whole conversations retyped, verbatim. Endless stream-of-consciousness riffs on your love/hate of sweetcorn. I mean, who cares? If I did like those other ladies do and wrote down every last thing that happened to me, my blog for today might read something like this:

Got up. Late. Coffee, toast and marmite for breakfast. Did some proofreading, but not enough. Faffed about online for ages. Steve went to Lewisham market to buy vegetables - he got me a really nice pumpkin. We had leftover chili for lunch: yum. In the afternoon I went to Brockley Mess and had ginger cake and a pot of Earl Grey. The cafe was full of mums with babies. I glared at a small child pretending to wail and it made me feel evil but actually very happy. Walked home.

That did actually feel pretty cathartic...