Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy smingus dingus, the Polish festival of throwing water over each other! We thought it was this morning and much kitchen-based wet frolicking ensued, but actually it's next Monday. Don't tell Steve!

I pretty much stopped keeping up with music and going to gigs (apart from Yo La Tengo) a couple of years ago. I just didn’t know who was new, who I’d like; I’d never heard of the hot new bands. I relied (and actually still rely) on recommendations from friends, especially Jodie, Therese and Anamik. But I’ve recently discovered the Fred Flare boombox. Showing every one of my 31 years, I am rocking out in my home office to Of Montreal (Heimdalsgade Like A Promethean Curse – crazy name, amazing song), the Shins (I’m so 2005), CSS, the Changes, and New Young Pony Club (and that’s just one DJ’s selections). They also throw in classics like the Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry and some random NKOTB (does it matter that I was a fan first time around?). Suddenly even ageing indie kids like me can be hip to what the young ‘uns are listening to…

Creative Cooking

Me and the boy decided to defrost over the weekend. This decision was sort of thrust upon us, seeing as the fridge (yes, the fridge) had about 6” of ice on the back wall. We had a big jar of pickles in there, and it was filled with ice. (Steve took a photo.) So we turned up the heat (or turned down the cold) and left the door open, not thinking this would affect the ton of food we had in the freezer… Sunday morning, and the frozen bagels are soft. The veg, pastry, prawns, mixed berries, fish fingers, Chicago Town pizzas* etc are all gently thawing. We put in an emergency call to Tom, who despite being skinny can eat three portions of everything, and still have room for pudding. I made a giant veggie curry with spicy stir-fried prawns, and a (bloody delicious) mixed berry pie. Waste not want not. But what to do with those five chicken breasts…?

*the official drunk food of the J-D household