Friday, March 27, 2009

Last night was date night. We kept it cheap(ish) by heading to the East End Thrift Store for their monthly shopping event. I thought this just meant they were open late, but NO, there was free booze too, which does indeed make it an event. I did pretty well - two sundresses, a floaty floral skirt, and a blouse for T. Steve bought a jumper and just hung out by the fitting rooms, drinking free beer and watching ladies getting changed. Oh and he was wearing the jeans with the bad zip, so his fly was undone too. Way to go, perv! We tried to go to Tayaabs after, but there was a scrum outside, and it was just too much hassle, so Lahore Kebab House it was. Giant spicy meal (so spicy that Steve cried), a walk across London bridge (less romantic for being in a howling gale), and watching The Apprentice on BBC iPlayer in bed. Perfect romantic night.

Over the past month I've been fearfully ordering hundreds of pounds worth of new kitchen. I say fearfully because I can't actually believe that in a couple of weeks our crap old kitchen will be gone and we'll have an amazing new one. Is it really that simple? You buy the stuff, pay a man to fit it all, and voila, new kitchen? Why didn't we do this sooner?

I've also been trying to see my sister and Mru Mru a lot (mru mru is how cats purr in Polish. Just as Polish dogs don't say 'woof woof' but 'how how'). Not sure why I call L Mru Mru, I think it's because once when he was fussing and threatening to wail, I sang him a couple of Polish lullabies about kittens and he calmed down. Anyway, he is a little bundle of cuddly fun, and very sweet. He's about 5 weeks old and just beginning to smile.

Saturday is the Actionettes' crunch-bustin' club, Everything Must Go-Go. We're pulling out all the stops with careers advice, a black market stall, Lidl hamper raffle, and dancing till dawn. I'm not amazingly excited about our outfits, but it should be a good night.