Friday, June 27, 2003

And another thing. Before I leave work for the weekend (brief summary of this working day: coffee. Internet. Blog. Reading books at my desk (hey, I work in a publishing company. It could be work related!). Eating chips and salsa at desk while checking Hotmail. Lunch, when I bought two metres of black ribbon and some picture hooks. Checking of cover proofs and creating prelim pages for a reprint. Scrounging the office for chocolate (result: Lindt white chocolate with apricot, and some coffee/praline chocs. Should swallow pride and beg more often!). Reading more books (did you know that a good cure for fungal infections is to soak your feet in a bucket of urine? This only works if the infection is on your foot. Hahahaha). Going to card store with colleague so she could buy a birthday card. Booking flight for boss to go to Canada for SF convention.) Gosh, will you look at the time! Til Monday.

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