Thursday, July 17, 2003

My boss has left for the day, so I’m trying to proof-read at my desk. But I keep getting distracted by nagging thoughts of what I should be doing. Like: perfecting my CV, replying to friends’ emails, looking for pictures of Richard Hell for Marcus to paint from, and making a five-point plan for world domination. Today has been shitty, here in the world of office work. I have had an author asking to make sweeping changes to a book of his we’re reprinting, and my boss has authorised this and then passed it for me to organise. Only this will take ages and cost a ton of money, and the changes are not even corrections, just things he felt like altering. Boss and author are, as my colleague Jane put it, making me “jump through twenty hoops and run round the block five times”.

Last night I got home from work, went grocery shopping, cleaned, did laundry, and made a simple, tasty dinner which I saw Mags
cook last week. Spaghetti, courgettes, garlic, olive oil, parmesan. That’s it. So good. Tonight I go for dinner at Amy’s house, and I will try very hard to be in a better mood than I was last time I saw her, when all I wanted to do was cry, and crawl into bed, and there continue crying. We will drink wine and discuss exciting projects and I will leave her house feeling energised, optimistic and happy. Or just drunk.

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