Thursday, October 23, 2003


Everything I touch is giving me an electric shock. The drawers on the filing cabinet, my computer (!!!), even the foil around my sandwich.

Got back to work yesterday after a two-week absence, to find 250 emails, plus stacks of covers, page proofs and contracts littering my desk in no recognisable order. But why dwell in horrible crap like work, when I could be telling you all about my trip to the Big Windy? First off, we were blessed with the most amazing weather. The leaves were turning, and the colours were beautiful, but it was over 20 degrees every day, so you could wear a T-shirt. Therese’s wedding was lovely (she’d tell you different, tho): she looked beautiful, and the church was an amazing cathedral-like behemoth in Old Town. We stayed in a swanky hotel the night before and in the morning drove to church in a limo with a free, fully stocked bar. Is it sad/worrying that this stands out for me as one of the best parts of the day? After the wedding, more limo action to the reception, which took place at a restaurant called La Luce. The open bar turned some guests into obnoxious, drunken pains-in-the-ass within an hour, but for the most part it was fab. Other highlights of the trip were:

Therese’s hen night, where we took her to a posh South American restaurant, a cafĂ© which serves only desserts, the Martini Ranch, and finally to Simon’s for pitchers of beer. Despite wearing furry kitten ears and a BRIDE TO BE sash, she didn’t get bought a single drink. Bastards!

Going to Target and finding red patent Isaac Mizrahi pointy flats for $27.

Trip to Bloomington, IN, to see Rachel and Jason. We went hiking in the State Park, ate at great, cheap ethnic restaurants, found the best and cheapest antique store in the state, and listened to R & J’s bird whistling the Muppets theme.

General girl-time with Therese, doing stuff like going for sushi, driving around, thrifting, shopping at Filene’s etc.

I miss it.

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