Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The inaugural Crafternoon was a big success. Thank you to everyone who attended, bought our cakes, and told us they were having fun.

AL and I spent much of Saturday baking. After a trip to Waitrose (where I wept bitter tears, as my local Tesco is a pound shop in comparison), we went back to her flat and got cracking. Five hours and half a dozen Bellinis later, we were surrounded by cookies, muffins, pink-iced cupcakes and a sticky grapefruit and poppy seed cake. Oh, and a giant plate of brownies. I’m happy to report that all the cakes sold, as did the pineapple upside-down cake, and Naz’s chocolate cake. It was really nice to look out over a sea of chatting knitters scoffing cake and know that our hard work has paid off.

Incidentally, I am so envious of AL’s lifestyle. She lives in a gorgeous 1930s block in south west London, with blossoming trees outside her window and a pink writing desk in her bedroom, and she teaches college and has just had her first book published. And she drives a dove-grey fake 1960s Japanese car. Whereas I live in a slightly less gorgeous 1960s block, have a view of terrifying estates from most windows, and ride the bus. Sigh.


sonik said...

Yeah but you like buses and you can make Mexican food (from scratch) so there.

Kyle said...

...AND speak Polish (those surnames are music to my ears!) and have the best 1950s jewllery I've ever seen. So double there.

rachel said...

Mexican food from scratch? Was it an attempt to re-create the deliciousness of Garcia's, which cannot be found in any London restaurant. Mmmmmh. I want Mexican food.

Also, you know a lot about books and always recommend good ones.

Ilona said...

Aaaaw! Too kind! I want Mexican food all the time, and you're right, you can't get good Mexican in London.