Thursday, April 21, 2005

Now that it's not OK to hate Black and Asian Londoners, I guess the Evening Standard needs another target... Step forward the Eastern Europeans. Their right-wing reporting made me so mad I wrote a letter... (But complaining is one of my favorite things to do.)

Press Complaints Commission
1 Salisbury Square

21 April 2005

Dear sir or madam,

Breach of 12i and 12ii of the Code of Practice

I am writing to complain about a front-page article in the April 20 edition of the Evening Standard. The paper published a story with the headline Au Pair shook Baby to Death. The subheading is 10-month-old dies while in care of Polish teenager. This is discriminatory and racist: the relevant detail is that a child died in the care of an au pair, not that the au pair was Polish. I believe this is designed to incite racial hatred and animosity. As part of London's long established and growing Polish community, I found this headline highly offensive. Would the paper be allowed to print a subhead stating '10-month-old dies while in care of Asian teenager'? No, and with reason.

This case seems ironic given that the Evening Standard was so recently embroiled in a dispute with the Mayor of London over his alleged anti-Semitic remarks to an Evening Standard journalist. I await a reply.


Rachel M S said...

Nice letter. I avoid the Evening Standard altogether, for fear of spending the rest of eternity writing letters of complaint to them.

Stevie Chick said...

Right on. The Standard just gets worse and worse.

Anamik said...

"Would the paper be allowed to print a subhead stating '10-month-old dies while in care of Asian teenager'?"

Going by their current mood I reckon they probably would.

It's as though their passionate attempts to being the Stephen Lawrence murders to justice has given them a license to be even more racist. If that was indeed possible.