Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Finally, some good news.

I might be living in a new home by September. Or October, as these things often overrun. We’re buying a flat in south-east London (leafy, hilly, nice cafes, restaurants and bars, affordable), a five-minute walk from the station, and a ten-minute train ride to London Bridge. While this makes me very happy, it’s also making me freak out a little bit. Not cos I’m scared of buying a place with my boyfriend when we’ve never lived together (although I am, but only a tiny bit), or because we’ll be in debt for 25 years, but because I get really, really, really attached to where I live. And my current home has, for two years, been a happy batchelorette pad, all mine. So I guess really I’m scared of two things: change, and sharing. Which I actually knew already…

But for our sisters Stateside, some bad.

This sucks. Can I write and object to this appointment, even though I don’t live in the US?

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rachel said...

I will write in protest for you. I don't think they listen to limeys in Washington.

Congrats on your new place!! Living with boys isn't as bad as it sounds.