Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Went out to get a winter coat, came back with a polo-neck, long-sleeved, empire line, peacock feather-printed mini dress. It is practical! I can wear it to work, out for swanky do’s, to visit family… plus is looks very 60s so it’ll never go out of style (for me anyway).

Question: if the only cords I own are straight leg/boot cut, and in order to look cool I try to cuff the hems in that 80s fold-and-roll style, will I look like a turkey wearing knickerbockers?
Answer: sadly yes.


rachel said...

what?! you had fold and roll in Britain too? I thought only Americans were that foolish. my favorite was when obnoxious jock types had a tight fold in roll with giant high tops sticking out the bottom of the cuffs.

Ilona said...

Actually Doug told me about the fold & roll... :) Don't know if it ever made it to the UK!

rachel said...

Ha! I remember Doug rocking the fold and roll in junior high.