Thursday, June 15, 2006

Work is all good, but I am finding that the naughty thrill I get from spending four hours browsing craft blogs wears off a bit when it’s part of my job description. The pressure to be creative is hard but also a fun challenge (ask me again tomorrow, after my meeting with the boss, when I show him my new book ideas and he slates every one) – words and phrases like ‘blue-sky thinking’, ‘brainstorming’ and ‘unique selling point’ are bandied about with a straight face.

Everyone has left the office to go to the pub - England are playing. The boss is going to be there. The boss's boss is going to be there. I should be there. But I am going to be at home, sitting in Steve's giant leather swivel chair, eating sausages, painting my nails, and reading a book. At about 10pm (unless there's anything really good on telly), I'll turn in for the night. Bliss. Networking be damned... I need my sleep.

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