Monday, June 23, 2003

Well the weekend was pretty tame (no offence Steve and Tim). Friday night I babysat for the Mewlies, and when I got to my sister’s house they were careening around the house, running into furniture, laughing and screeching and generally not behaving like toddlers ready for bed. Saturday was spent in Wimbledon with my mum, eating lunch (soup and potato pancakes. Yes, it was about 28 degrees, but what can I say? We’re Polish!) and going to a faux farmer’s market outside Safeway. The farmers market is a lame excuse to sell loaves of bread with a few nuts in them for £2.50, and vine tomatoes for £3 a pound or some craziness. Bars of soap could be had for £2. Sausages which had been sitting, uncovered, on a table in the blazing sun were going for a fiver. I ask you.
Sunday I was fit for nothing. Woke up at around 11am, and after Steve had made breakfast and coffee I fell asleep again until about 1pm. The day was like soup, and I just wanted it to rain so I could stop fucking sweating for five minutes. Went to Tesco and bought pizza things, as Tim was coming for dinner and to see my flat. Cleaned like a crazy thing (except for the bathroom. Bathtub is self cleaning, right?) and collapsed into an armchair to read for about 10 minutes. Dinner was a success, and after talking to Tim I want a new, high-tech kitchen, which I am convinced will make the value of my property skyrocket.

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