Wednesday, July 09, 2003

In other news, I am on the lookout for a tooth guard. Apparently I am grinding my stupid teeth (probably while I sleep. Stress? Could also explain the habit I have of waking up with claw hands, sometimes hovering dangerously close to sleeping Steve’s throat), and the only way to cure this is to get a plastic thingy to wear while I sleep. Went to Superdrug after work, but unsurprisingly they do not stock them. Tim made dinner for me last night, and very nice it was too. There was wine, there was asparagus, there was good conversation and the smell of the downstairs neighbours’ chronic pot habit. This all made for a most pleasant evening.

Hmmm… nothing to do in August, you say? Bored, are you? Well, this is gonna be great, and worth going to for the Arts Barge alone, I reckon, although the other bands, workshops, films and exhibitions they have lined up mean you’ll be kept busy. Click on the great illustration of the dreamy ladies for more details. I love this new grassroots, non-corporate, non-profit festival culture that girls are creating, and the more the merrier. There’s also a Ladyfest in Manchester this year, and many others all over Europe and the US.

Some good sites (don’t think I have a links thingy on this blog, so you’re just going to have to cut and paste, my friend. You’ve been spoilt long enough!) – great features, links, archived writing, and most of all, a relief to discover that thirdwave feminism isn’t the exclusive domain of US ladies. – a sweet blog, beautifully designed, also serves as a portfolio of Emerald’s work. – another blog written by a web designer (no fair!), updated regularly and with a community feel, as people comment on each of Anna’s entries.

That’s all for now. There are plenty of others, but I’m hungry and want to go get some lunch. You can amuse yourself for a little while, ok?

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