Monday, July 07, 2003

Yes I am still pissed off at my job, but I also realise that most people do jobs they get no thanks for, and at least (praise Jesus) I do not have to work with the public.

Today I am sporting the World’s Shortest Ponytail, and I am filled with glee, for it’s about six months since I’ve been able to wear any kind of ponytail at all. It’s held in place by greasy hair, gel and about 17 bobby pins.

Strange! Just googled the phrase “Croydon claw”, and there was nothing! Has no one outside my circle of friends heard of this tuff-girl hairstyle? It was first brought to my attention by Victoria, a sometime wearer of the Claw, and a Croydon girl through and through. Despite being more like the Milton Keynes of the South West, rather than the Manhattan as it claims, Croydon has nevertheless spawned underground talent. Some of Huggy Bear and, I think, Blur (I can’t be bothered to fact check. You can, if you really care) are from there. This entry was going to be full of links, but I don’t have the time or the research skills for that, but I would urge you to find a pic of the Claw, it really is worth it.

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