Monday, August 11, 2003

It has come to my attention (ok, Tim told me) that lots of people think this is a very angry blog. Where does this accusation spring from? Why, just last week I wrote a cheery entry on sandwiches! If I sound angry it’s cos I always write from work, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that if I’m at work, I’m pissed off.

Enough about that sad stuff. The weekend was H.O.T.T and it was really too horrible to do just about anything except draw a deep, cold bath and lie in it reading this and nodding in bitter recognition. The book is actually not very well written: the boyfriend character is like a textbook definition of ‘nice boyfriend’: brings you a picnic to your house after a hard day at work; is understanding of your many needy needs blah blah blah. I read a proof copy, but lordy, at that stage a book has seen a copy-editor. Yet this was riddled with missing words, main characters’ names spelled wrong, timing that didn’t add up (um, how do we get from Thanksgiving to March in three months?) and a hot designer called Mark Jacobs… please.

So that was a nice part of the weekend: despite the eye-snagging errors, it’s a great book if you’ve ever suffered under the boss from hell. More time was spent eating outdoors (you know how hot it was outside? Well my flat was about ten degrees hotter than that), sitting outdoors in the shade and wandering around the Imperial War Museum, cos it is air-conditioned. The ICA, however, despite being a top arts venue and epicentre of London cool, does not have air conditioning.

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