Monday, September 15, 2003

Almost a week old post

Last night me and Stephen went to see a film. We haven’t done this in about a month, mainly because all the cinemas near work charge at least £8. But we decided to treat ourselves, and see this. It was fantastic, and I recommend it unreservedly. Plus, we went to Fopp, and even though I have a backlog of nearly a shelf of books to read, I bought a Diane di Prima memoir, Everything is Illuminated, and a Taschen book on 1950s advertising. Total was £11, and you can’t beat that.

The film was short, so we were home in time to watch Jump London, which promised more than it delivered. A bunch of blokes in tracky bottoms and scuffed trainers leaping on railings and buildings? I can look out my window and see that! The programme was basically one long advert for Groovy 2003 London: they got permission to ‘jump’ such landmarks as the Royal Albert Hall, Shakespeare’s Globe and HMS Belfast. I suspect permission was granted on the condition that these places got to plug their events (the spokesman for the Globe actually said 'We don’t usually endorse anything that isn’t Shakespeare, but…'), and there were numerous shots of treetops and sunny streetlife. Made me want to visit this fabulous city, until I remembered I live here. Best bit was when they ‘jumped’ the Millennium bridge and the Tate Modern: this entailed running across or past the structure, very fast. Blustery cries of ‘well I can chuffin’ do that!’ were heard all over town.

This morning I got dressed in a state of fear, cos scary author is coming in, and I have to take her for lunch. I have no idea how this happened, but I look uncannily like Mick Fleetwood today. Shirt and knitted tank top? Check. Hair in ponytail? Check. Tight pants? Check.

There’s a guy at work who I am locked in a power struggle with. He fawns all over my bosses, and anything they ask for is done within the hour. But if I make a request for say, a piece of artwork or an author pic, there’s a whole lot of heel-dragging going on… This attitude was best summed up by Therese as “Oh I could help you but I really can’t be bothered”.

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