Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I do not want to eat my soup with a teaspoon

I am sure there is a diet which centres around the eating of meals using child-sized cutlery and/or dishes, and I think Liz Hurley was banging on about it once (but then I think she did the “eat naked in front of a mirror” diet too, and is therefore a poor judge of healthy eating practices/body image/sanity), but I don’t wish to be on it. The premise is probably that you’ll get so flippin’ bored putting a tiny forkful of food to your mouth that by the time you’ve eaten half your meal you give up the monumental task of finishing it. Anyway, at my office there are no proper soup spoons, so I just polished off a lake of leek & potato with a teaspoon. Didn’t make me eat any slower, though.

Am bored today. It's raining, all the coffee pots in the kitchen are in use so I am drinking yuk Nescafe which always makes my stomach hurt.

Check back in a couple of hours, I'll probably have found some new things to complain about by then.

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