Friday, November 03, 2006

Last day! And it’s probably the nicest day I’ve had here since joining the company. Whether that’s cos people are being kind or because I’m leaving and so am naturally happy, I don’t know. Less than two hours left and it feels like Christmas, my birthday, and the day before a holiday, all rolled into one.

Last night Steve and I celebrated our one-year cohabiting anniversary with a nice dinner at Konstam and an argument about laundry. Ahh, domestic bliss. Konstam sources all its food from within the M25, but the thought of eating a London pigeon in London was a bit too disgusting so instead I had a roast artichoke salad and pork belly, and a delicious glass of English white wine. A few hours later I sullied my palate with a couple of glasses of vile Italian Pinot Grigio, which tasted like fruity paint stripper, its only redeeming features being that it was icy-cold and would get me tipsy, which I needed to be in order to dance on a stage in front of 100 art-school hipsters. The Actionettes had a gig at Legal Tender, a club night at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in East London, and we were the first act on stage. It was a breeze compared to the earlier run-through, when all the bands and their trendy mates were sitting around, and we had to dance on the floor, sober, in work clothes, with bright overhead lights. Imagine dancing in front of a group of strangers, on command, and they’re all watching you. Yeah, exactly. My left leg kept shaking and I was scared everyone would notice. But the band tuning up behind us joined in on Have Love Will Travel, and there was a mildly enthusiastic round of applause when we were done.


Anonymous said...

I saw the pics! and i want that red dress.... Plus, where the hell did you get lovely high boots? You looked fantastic. I'm really happy that you're job is done! And a new story starts...right...about...NOW!

rachel said...

hope your first week at home is off to a good start!!

magdalena said...

I say the same thing... hope it's going well and you're enjoying your new life!! Saw a pixies documentary last night and realised it's been AAAGGGEEEESSS since I went to a big proper gig, the sort that gives you butterflies in your tummy! Look out for any of the old favourites and we should go!! Strange to communicate to you like this but don't know what your email is now you're a self employed lady. Let me know and see you soon! x

Steven said...

congratulations on leaving that job and the commute behind! i am actually just starting a job whereby i have to commute into london via kings cross... ugh.